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Spindustry Training Offers SharePoint Governance Consulting

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Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 is a powerful and flexible tool for workplace collaboration. Teams can share documents, schedules, workflows, discussions and more across the enterprise.

But like any information management initiative, lack of proper planning can expose you and your organization to costly, time-consuming risks:

  • Poor functionality
  • Security issues
  • Compliance violations

Starting with a Governance plan can minimize these and other risks to your business.

What is SharePoint Governance?

'SharePoint Governance' is a guideline on how SharePoint will be used within your organization. It contains rules and procedures on how your company will implement and use SharePoint within your environment.

Without a SharePoint Governance plan, it is likely that your implementation and usage of SharePoint will grow into the commonly referred to “Beast”.  

The Governance Plan determines how SharePoint will run, what parties are responsible for making sure it runs, what equipment it will run on, as well as other items like:

  • Permissions
  • Roles
  • Criteria for creating new resources
  • Branding rules
  • And more

In our experience, organizations that do not have Governance in place for SharePoint often have to start over at some point.  Governance is the most important part of SharePoint.

Why is a SharePoint Governance Plan needed?

Because SharePoint 2010 is so popular, we see many different scenarios take place.  Many of these scenarios are lack a clear SharePoint Governance Plan or do not have Governance in place at all.  For example:

  • The executive branch of the organization wants SharePoint implemented right away and they task the IT department with the implementation.  Most often the IT department is given a timeframe to deliver the implementation but they are not trained in SharePoint and/or they do not take the time to find out exactly how the organization will use SharePoint now or in the future.  
  • Some organizations fail to include representation from all aspects of the company in their SharePoint Governance Team.  For example, a team may neglect to add a person that clearly represents the end-user.
  • No Governance Plan was in place prior to the physical implementation of SharePoint so there is no way to validate that the physical implementation will actually work for the organization.

Once SharePoint is installed, up and running, it becomes much harder to prevent SharePoint from becoming “The Beast” if you do not have a Governance Plan in place. 

In our experience, almost every implementation that we have seen, that does not have Governance in place first, becomes “The Beast” for the organization.  To be clear, you must have a SharePoint Governance Plan in place if you want your SharePoint environment to be a success.  You will also need a SharePoint Governance plan in place so that you can measure the success of your SharePoint environment.

What Goes Into a SharePoint Governance Plan?

Everything about your SharePoint environment should be addressed in your Governance Plan.

The SharePoint governance plan addresses:

  • Individual and group roles and responsibilities
  • Physical SharePoint Design
  • Logical SharePoint Design
  • Rules for using SharePoint
  • Application Use
  • Branding
  • Configuration
  • Navigation
  • Training
  • Support

How can we make this process easier for you?

Spindustry offers:

  • SharePoint Governance Training and Mentoring
  • SharePoint Branding Service
  • SharePoint End-User Training
  • SharePoint Site Collection Administrator / Power User Training
  • SharePoint Workflow Training
  • SharePoint InfoPath Training
  • SharePoint Developer Training
  • SharePoint Administrator Training
  • SharePoint CBT’s for Help Desk and Support
  • SharePoint Mentoring Services
  • SharePoint Server Installation and Configuration

We'll review your needs, concerns and goals to help you maximize the return on your SharePoint investment while minimizing your risk.

Contact Tara today @ 515-334-9556 or email to find out more about our SharePoint consulting services.

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