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XML Programming using Java

Course Code: XML030
Length: 3 Days
Tuition: $1,325.00

Schedule for this Course

There are no dates scheduled for this course.
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Course Description:

In this course, Java programmers will learn the basics of XML form and syntax. They will use Java to implement XML web applications, as well as learning how to use XML to pass data between distributed Java applications. Emphasis is placed on writing well-formed and valid XML, parsing techniques and converting Legacy data with XML. This cousre is for anyone who needs to program XML in conjunction with Java, including application developers, Web developers, XML document authors, and webmasters.


  • Familiarity with Web and data
  • Fundamentals of XML
  • Java programming experience is

Course Outline:

  • 1 - XML & Java
  • 2 - Parsing XML with SAX
  • 3 - Parsing XML with DOM
  • 4 - Building XML with DOM
  • 5 - Validating XML
  • 6 - Java and XML Data Binding
  • 7 - Basic SOAP
  • 8 - Industrial Strength SOAP
  • 9 - XML Transformations with XSLT
  • 10 - Distributed Applications with XML
  • 11 - Appendix A - JDOM
  • 12 - Appendix B - Java Advanced Topics

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