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Online Excel Dashboards Part 1 - Formulas

Course Code: OLEX7
Length: 0.25 Days
Tuition: $49.00

Schedule for this Course

Register 02/19/2021 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Instructor: Pamela Smith
0.25 Days Virtual Training: Online Courses

Course Description:

Learn Excel from the comfort of your office or home.

This two-hour LIVE Instructor-led course will give you the tools to create dashboards to display key business performance indicators that are relevant to a business process.  A dashboard is a visual interface that shows data at a glance, and often includes conclusions that alleviate the need for the viewer to analyze the data being presented.

In Dashboards Part 1 we will look at building formulas, use Data Validation with the VLOOKUP function, and create Combo Boxes with the INDEX function to create our Dashboard. Topics include:

  • Create advanced formulas using range names and specialized functions
  • Automate workbook functionality by applying Data Validation and working with Forms and Controls
  • Apply conditional logic using LOOKUP functions and combining functions.


Excel 2016 Intro to Formulas, Excel 2016 Advanced Formulas or prior knowledge of the topics covered in those classes.

Course Outline:

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