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Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

Experts still agree that there are no viable replacements for having a live professional in the room during training sessions.

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Online Word 2016 Intermediate Tips and Tricks

Course Code: OLWRD6
Length: 0.25 Days
Tuition: $49.00

Schedule for this Course

Register 09/21/2020 10:45 am - 12:45 pm
Instructor: Pamela Smith
0.25 Days Virtual Training: Online Courses

Course Description:

Learn Word from the comfort of your office or home.

This two-hour Live Instructor-led course will help you learn how to make Microsoft Word work for you. The features covered in this class will help you create complex and professional documents with a consistent look and feel.


Word 2016 Beginning Tips & Tricks class or prior knowledge of the topics covered in that class.

Course Outline:

  • Manage Large Documents
    • Customize Formats using Styles
    • Insert Blank and Cover Pages
    • Insert a Table of Contents & Index
    • Use the Navigation Pane to move quickly through a large document
    • Use the Expand and Collapse feature
  • Control the Flow of a Document
    • Control Paragraph Flow
    • Work with Indents on the Ruler
    • Insert Section and Page Breaks
  • Use Formatting Tools to edit text
    • Change Case
    • Repeat Formatting
    • Format Painter
    • Use the Reveal Formatting command
  • Work with Headers and Footer
    • Eliminate Header/Footer on First Page
    • Create alternating Headers/Footers
    • Add Path and Filename
    • Insert Page Numbers as Footers
    • Create different Headers/Footers for different Sections of a document

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