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Customer Service Boot Camp

Course Code: STT CSB
Length: 2 Days
Tuition: $675.00

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Course Description:


Course Outline:

Day One

I      Introduction to customer service and the objective of “assisting people to their end goals”.  Demonstrated in a variety of ways.

II    Idea:  in order to assist people, we first need to possess our own self-awareness…knowing our behavioral styles, motivators, and ways we process information.

III    What’s Your Genius…..related to customer service

IV    Pieces of emotional intelligence (as related to customer service)

a)    Integrity Model 4 paradigms and effect on customer service
b)    Conquer Key Moments
c)    Embrace Reality
d)    Exercise Responsibility

Day Two

I    Meeting the Customer:  Impressions (first & second)

a)    Presentation (visual and verbal)
b)    Using knowledge of behavioral styles and motivators to ensure you relate well to people
c)    Communication skills with customers & why what we say, matters
d)    Psychology behind impressions

II    Focusing on the Customer

a)    Using knowledge gained from our language activities, determine behavioral styles and motivators of your customers
b)    Psychology behind language styles and phrases to ensure customer believes you care about his/her problem
c)    Determining what customer actually wants (is it measurable?)

III    Diagnosing & Assessing Customer Issues

a)    How to get to the root of the problem
b)    How to ask the “right questions”
c)    Making problems concrete and measurable
d)    How to handle mistakes customer has already made
e)    Determine what customer has already attempted to “fix” issue

IV    Handling Complaints and Coping with Stress

a)    Psychology behind de-escalation of intense emotions
b)    Separating the customer’s presentation from the problem
c)    Separating the customer’s attitude, etc. from you as a person
d)    Conflict resolution skills
e)    Stress management skills for yourself
f)    Talking with upset customers

V    Delivering Solutions

a)    Ensuring solutions fit the actual problem
b)    Negotiation skills
c)    Designing a solution to fit the problem
d)    Psychology behind getting the customers to “buy in” to solution
e)    Delivering news customer may not want to hear
f)    Evaluation & follow-up

VI    Close and application to selves

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