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Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

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While online classes and virtual teachers are gaining popularity, the verdict is still out on their effectiveness. Live instructor led training offers benefits hard to ignore.  Experts still agree that there are no viable replacements for having a live professional in the room during training sessions. 

Here are five key benefits to a live instructor led class:

1) Live instructor led Experienced Professional Insight

There is no piece of software that can the replace the experience and professional insight of a live instructor. Being able to stop and ask questions, clarify misconceptions and have an open dialogue with a seasoned professional is a valuable resource to have.

2) Adaptability

E-learning seminars offer a narrow scope on an issue with very little room for adaptability in the lessons. Having a live instructor leading a classroom allows them to adapt to the specific problems facing their students. Likewise, a good instructor meets the learning needs of different learners and does not try to force a blanket solution to learning styles. Live teachers can hone in on any problem areas by tailoring the lesson plan to the specific training needs of the classroom. The cookie cutter approach used by many online training programs doesn’t lend itself well to alterations in material.

3) Dialogue with the Instructor

Online training offers little opportunity to ask questions, and almost no chance for follow up questions or the chance to establish an open dialogue with the teacher. In live sessions, these discussions can add great value to the class by being able to focus on the specific interests of the students and give solutions to personal problems.

live instructor led computer training4) Attention

Instead of staring at a computer screen until your eyes glaze over, live instructors can engage the students more easily. In a classroom setting they can ask questions, encourage group work and even use hands on activities. Being in a classroom also keeps you away from your phone and email, as well as people stopping by your desk. Live training gives students the ability to focus more on what is being taught and not be crippled by distractions.

Some online courses have addressed this problem by supplementing the materials with short quizzes, but there is still no replacement for the benefits of classroom participation.

5) Networking Opportunities

Because most training classes focus on specific job functions, many of the other students in the class probably work in a similar role as you. You can add tremendous value to the course by networking with your peers during breaks, at lunch or even over drinks afterwards.

Virtual training may offer discussion between group members, but it’s nearly impossible to recreate the value added by real face-to-face interaction amongst peers.

E-learning is a viable option for some to obtain necessary training.  Online classes can be a great reinforcement tool, but should never be a substitute for a live instructor led class. Online resources should augment the classes; not replace them. If you want to create real behavioral change and a meaningful impact on your team, look for live instructor led training opportunities. Spindustry Training offers a variety of live courses both at our facility and onsite at your location. For a look into how Spindustry Training can improve your business, check out our full list of classes. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of live instructor led training, contact us today.

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