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Legal Justification of Accessible Design

Course Code: STT LJAD
Length: 0.5 Days
Tuition: $599.00

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Course Description:

The training will touch briefly on the legal justification for web accessibility. Having a good understanding of the legal framework for accessibility because the ADA only contributes a small portion of the legal justification for web accessibility. Further, this session will give a very objective view of where the world— and hence our legal mandates— are heading based on clear demographic data. This session will also demonstrate why accessible web design is important with a screen reader demonstration. We have found that this helps developers understand how their coding choices has a real impact on their end-users with disabilities. The bulk of the training will focus, however, on wireframe designs for accessibility. Specifically, it will focus on what to look for in the design stage when working with end-customers to help them understand and “see” how their designs will incorporate accessibility. Having properly designed wireframes will make it much easier to build accessible website later— and avoid embarrassing and costly redesigns with customers later. We envision this being a very interactive training session in which students can ask complex questions about any of these topics.



Course Outline:

  1. Legal and Business Primer on Accessibility
    1. Why Accessibility?
      1. The Legal Case
        1. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
        2. Unruh Act
        3. Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
        4. Updates and Where the Law is Heading
      2. The Business Case
        1. Aging population and accessibility
        2. Increasing disabled population
        3. Corporate goodwill
      3. Digital Accessibility Demonstration
        1. Review of client site using JAWS
    2. How Businesses can Ensure Accessibility
      1. Including accessibility in contracts
      2. Incorporating accessibility in design and development requirements and training
      3. Acceptance testing and verification
  2. Designing for Accessibility— How to Review Wireframes for Accessibility
    1. Benefits to identifying accessibility issues at wireframe stage
    2. Specific elements to review:
      1. Inaccessible forms
      2. Dropdown lists
      3. Repeating non-descriptive links
      4. Inconsistent navigation
      5. Mouse rollovers and other JavaScript events
      6. Insufficient color contrast
      7. Skip navigation links
      8. Visually-indicated focus
      9. Properly-identified form elements
      10. Information conveyed only with color
      11. Inaccessible data tables
      12. Ensuring copy is accessible
        1. Additional deliverables from designers
        2. Alternate text table
        3. Tab sequence diagrams

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