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Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

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SharePoint Records Management and Compliance Training

Course Code: STT-SPRMC
Length: 3 Days
Tuition: $1,497.00

Schedule for this Course

There are no dates scheduled for this course.
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Course Description:

This three-day course is designed to be a great follow-up class for the SharePoint Boot Camp. It provides students with an understanding of SharePoint and the concepts that are part of creating a successful SharePoint environment.

Ideal for On Prem and Office 365 Users!

This course is ideal for Records Managers, Site Stewards, Site Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Power Users, and Management who have successfully worked in a SharePoint 2010 or newer environment and are wishing to add to their SharePoint knowledge. This class specifically focuses on Records Management, Content Types, ECM, eDiscovery, Compliance in SharePoint and better utilizing SharePoint Search features.

At the end of this course, students will be able to articulate key SharePoint topics. They will have an advanced understanding of SharePoint concepts like Enterprise Records Center and In-Place Records, Search, Content Types, and eDiscovery.


Attend the SharePoint Boot Camp or have 6 months of experience working with SharePoint. An understanding of compliance, content management, or records management in a work environment would be helpful but is not required.

Course Outline:

1. Review of Important SharePoint Items

  • Content Types Overview
  • Managed Metadata Overview
  • Publishing Content Types via a Content Type Hub
  • Lab 1
    • Exercise 1: Creating Sites and Portals
    • Exercise 2: Creating List and Libraries
    • Exercise 3: Creating Term Sets
    • Exercise 4: Creating Content Types
    • Exercise 5: Publishing Content Types

2. Records Management

  • Records Center
  • Records Library
  • In-Place Records Management
  • Lab 2
    • Exercise 1: Planning and Creating a Records Center
    • Exercise 2: Planning and Creating Records Libraries
    • Exercise 3: Setting up Policies and Rules
    • Exercise 4: Configuring Send to links
    • Exercise 5: Declaring Records
    • Exercise 6: Enabling and configuring In-Place Records
    • Exercise 7: Reviewing Compliance Details and Auditing log

3. Search

  • Search Overview
  • Improving search for your end-users
  • Creating Search Applications
  • Content Search Web Part
  • Lab 3
    • Exercise 1: Configuring Search for a Site Collection
    • Exercise 2: Configuring Search for a Site

4. eDiscovery

  • Understanding eDiscovery
  • Lab 4
    • Exercise 1: eDiscovery Center
    • Exercise 2: Case
    • Exercise 3: Discovery Sets
    • Exercise 4: Queries
    • Exercise 5: Exporting Results

5. Workflow related to Records Management

  • Disposition
  • Approval
  • Custom SharePoint Designer Workflow overview
  • Lab 5
    • Exercise 1: Workflow

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