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CBAP / CCBA Certification Prep Boot Camp - Online

Course Code: STTA CBAP
Length: 5 Days
Tuition: $2,695.00

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Course Description:

PMI: 28 PDUs

Prepare to Become a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP)® in this CBAP training course!

According to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), "A Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)® is a recognized expert in identifying the business needs of an organization in order to determine business solutions. CBAPs are acknowledged as competent individuals performing a role [that] is increasingly recognized as a vital component of any successful project." This CBAP® certification training course is intended to comply with the International Standards Organization (ISO) 17204 standard for certifying the competence of personnel.

For the first time ever, business analysis is achieving worldwide recognition as a profession in its own right. The CBAP® and CCBA™ designation are marks of distinction for intermediate and advanced–level practitioners, recognizing their demonstration of the knowledge and skills necessary for effectiveness and a professional level of competence in business analysis principles and practices.

You can count on a fun, challenging, and ultimately productive learning environment as our experts download their knowledge and secrets for IIBA certification success and help you upgrade yours. If you want to learn how to analyze and document your business analysis credentials and experience, submit a successful application for the CBAP® / CCBA™, sanely and efficiently prepare for the exam, and pass either exam on your first try, you cannot afford to miss this CBAP® / CCBA™ Certification training course!

In this CBAP certification training course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the CBAP and CCBA designations and what they represent
  • Analyze and remember the most important elements of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) version 2.0
  • Record progress and identify gaps in your business analysis qualifications
  • Successfully submit a CBAP or CCBA certification application
  • Identify knowledge from the CBAP certification training course needed to pass the examinations and earn your CBAP certification
  • Package your business analysis experience and education for the application process
  • Comprehend the structure and flow of the BABOK® version 2.0
  • Apply critical business analysis knowledge for the examinations
  • Thoroughly prepare using over 500 review questions provided in the CBAP certification training course
  • Greatly improve your chances of passing the CBAP certification examination on your first try
  • Special Bonus – In addition to the latest IIBA® BABOK®, you will receive a FREE copy of the CBAP® 2.0 Study Guide, a comprehensive study resource not available anywhere else!

In–Class Discussion, Practice, and Test Preparation:
Practical strategies and insider tips will be reinforced through extensive practice opportunities. CBAP certification training course participants will discuss ways you and your department, agency, or company can benefit from and obtain CBAP certification. The Boot Camp will give you frequent opportunities to practice strategies and tactics proven to get your application accepted, prepare you to write for either exam, and above all, greatly increase your ability to pass the exam the first time.

Specifically you will:

  1. Learn the benefits of the CBAP® and CCBA™ designation, what they can do for your organization, and how to demonstrate their value to current and future employers
  2. Understand the career impacts of attaining CBAP® / CCBA™ certification and how it can benefit you in both the short term and long term
  3. Become familiar with the requirements for both certifications and make progress toward completing them, regardless of your current status
  4. Gain useful tools for documenting applicable experience and education
  5. Receive numerous insider tips for succeeding in the application process
  6. Understand the exams – how they are constructed, what they cover, and important exam practices to keep in mind
  7. Learn, review, and master the material covered on the CBAP® and CCBA™ exams
  8. Increase your comfort in the exam environment through drills and practice exams
  9. Take away representative practice exam questions
  10. Build confidence in your ability to complete the application and pass the exams
  11. Walk away with a personalized plan for what you need to do to prepare for your CBAP certification exam
  12. Prepare to Become a Certified Business Analysis Professional

Immediate Benefits of Taking This Class:

  1. Learn what the IIBA® and its certifications are all about
  2. Understand and influence your organization to recognize the value of CBAP® / CCBA™ certification
  3. Improve your chances of success with the CBAP® certification process
  4. Explore the nature and construction of the application and examination
  5. Analyze your unique combination of education, knowledge, and skills to determine the best way to package it for the CBAP® or CCBA™ application
  6. Understand what knowledge from the BABOK® and other sources comprise the CBAP® and CCBA™ certifications
  7. Discover the underlying structure of the BABOK® and tips for remembering it
  8. Use practical, real–world methods for improving testing success
  9. Practice answering representative exam questions in a simulated test environment
  10. Discover tips and tricks that have helped others succeed with the application and exam processes
  11. Master the BABOK® Knowledge Areas and Underlying Competencies
  12. Use effective practices for organizing and structuring information that may be tested
  13. Study everything you need to know to pass the exam
  14. Examine strategies for evaluating test questions to determine the best answer
  15. Understand the importance of documenting your education and experience for continued certification requirements
  16. Approach the application and examination with absolute confidence
  17. Manage your “test anxiety” by being fully prepared for the exam experience
  18. Understand and retain the key information for each exam topic
  19. Develop a practical plan for exam preparation that is customized to your needs
  20. Increase your professional credibility by demonstrating your business analysis knowledge
  21. Explore the complete range of business analysis knowledge and prepare for CBAP® or CCBA™ certification


Who Should Attend This Course

This course is valuable for all those with business analysis experience who wish to become CBAP® or CCBA™ certified. This course is perfect for you if you are a(n):

  • Intermediate- to Advanced-level Business Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Manager or Team Leader
  • Systems Architect or Designer
  • IT Manager/Director

Course Outline:

I. Welcome to the Boot Camp!
We'll start the CBAP® / CCBA™ Certification Prep Boot Camp with an overview of what “Certified Business Analysis Professional™” means—what it is and what it isn’t. Under your instructor’s guidance, you’ll have a chance to discover some of the most important philosophies and aspects of the CBAP® and CCBA™ examinations, setting the tone for this fast-paced and interactive learning experience. And to get you ready for the workshop to come, we’ll give you a preview of the content and our process for delivering a valuable learning experience.

  1. Components of the CBAP® certification
  2. Components of the CCBA™ certification
  3. Introduction to the CBAP® and CCBA™ examinations
  4. Philosophy of the exams
  5. Overview of CBAP® and CCBA™ exam content
  6. Overview of the CBAP®/CCBA™ Prep Boot Camp

II. CBAP® /CCBA™ Certification: The Credentials
Armed with a sense of what the certifications are and a taste of the examination experience, you and your fellow Boot Camp participants will then receive a guided tour of the CBAP® and CCBA™ certification. We’ll explore the certifying body—the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)—and the requirements for certification. The Boot Camp will take you through the application and examination processes, including tips, tools, and best practices for packaging your Business Analyst experience and education on the application. Next, we’ll familiarize you with the professional standards and ethics of the CBAP® and CCBA™certification. And we’ll conclude this module with a look at how the examination is structured and show you the best way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your exam preparation.

  1. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
  2. The CBAP® certification
  3. The CCBA™ certification
  4. The certification application processes
  5. The examination processes
  6. The professional code of conduct
  7. The examination structures

III. Business Analysis Overview
Before we can focus on the Body of Knowledge, we will need to cover critical foundational material on the topic of business analysis. We’ll start by providing an overview, including common terms, concepts, techniques, and models that all business analysts must know to pass the CBAP® or CCBA™examination. During this overview, you’ll have numerous chances to demonstrate your own knowledge, learn from your fellow Boot Camp participants, and gain useful insights from your instructor. You’ll also practice exam questions to test your mastery, help you identify weaknesses, and effectively plan for further study on these important and often underemphasized exam topics.

  1. What is business analysis?
  2. The role and competencies of the business analyst
  3. The Systems/Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  4. The Project Management Life Cycle and the process groups
  5. Project roles and competencies
  6. Requirements engineering basics
  7. Levels of requirements
  8. Systems, processes, and actors

IV. The Business Analysis Knowledge Areas
At the heart of IIBA certification is demonstrated knowledge of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®). In this section of the Boot Camp, we’ll dive deeply into each Knowledge Area. As we cover each of these six subject-matter areas, we’ll share the essential information you need to know for the examination. You’ll come to understand the structure of the BABOK® and discover some practical tips for remembering what you need to know. And of course, the Boot Camp will help you continue to increase your comfort and confidence with the examinations through realistic practice exercises. Combined with the opportunity to discuss your questions, these activities will help you further refine your personalized preparation plan.

  1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  2. Elicitation
  3. Requirements Management and Communication
  4. Enterprise Analysis
  5. Requirements Analysis
  6. Solution Assessment and Validation

V. Underlying Competencies
Having attained a deep knowledge of the BABOK® Knowledge Areas, you must still understand and know critical business analysis fundamentals. This module takes a detailed, structured look at the underlying competencies you need to know for the CBAP® / CCBA™ certification.

  1. Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Behavioral Characteristics
  3. Business Knowledge
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Interaction Skills
  6. Software Applications

VI. Techniques
A Business Analyst employs a variety of tools and techniques during a project to ensure successful results. Throughout the course, we will examine and study a number of these tools and techniques and learn the best time and place in which to use each.

  1. Elicitation techniques
  2. Diagramming and modeling techniques
  3. Root cause analysis techniques
  4. Acceptance and evaluation definition techniques
  5. Post-project assessment techniques

VII. A Guide to Success on the Exams
By this point in the Boot Camp, you’ll have a clear understanding of the application and examination processes. Using our specially developed tools, you’ll be ready to map out your experience and knowledge and know what you personally need to do to complete a successful application. You’ll also have an individualized study plan to help you prepare efficiently and effectively for either examination. All that remains are a few final tips to improve your examination experience. In this final Boot Camp section, you’ll get our best tips and tricks and have a chance to practice with a sample examination. As we wrap up our four-day journey, you’ll put the finishing touches on your personal exam preparation plan so that you can quickly and easily study for your own examination.

  1. Review of key topics
  2. Key tips to remember for the exam
  3. Final test hints and tricks
  4. Practice examination
  5. Your personal preparation plan

Everything you need to prepare for CBAP® or CCBA™ certification in this intensive 4-day boot camp

  • A comprehensive participant guide with slides, exercises, practice exam materials
  • The Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® 2.0), by IIBA
  • The Complete CBAP® 2.0 Study Guide, by Billie Johnson
  • A set of flash cards for in-class use and for your later review
  • The Software Requirements Memory Jogger, by Ellen Gottesdiener
  • Unique tools for tracking business analysis experience and education
  • A personalized plan for your exam preparation
  • Lively interaction with a CBAP®-certified instructor

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