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Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

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Mastering Google Analytics - Online

Length: 4 Days
Tuition: $1,495.00

Schedule for this Course

There are no dates scheduled for this course.
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Course Description:

learn to leverage Google Analytics to better track and optimize your site and pass your Google Analytics Certification exam in class.

Using Google Analytics is like understanding a visitor's journey through your website. You can apply measurement, collection and analysis of data to determine the key drivers of your traffic and to optimize your site's performance. Using the efficient yet comprehensive insights and tracking tools Google provides can be one of the most effective keys to truly maximizing your presence, engagement, conversions and user experience.

This Google Analytics training course teaches a complete set of real-world skills through a highly interactive student experience. You will get hands-on practice learning the tools in class. Since real experience and practice is the main enabler of proficiency with Google Analytics, we make sure you have the opportunity to set up a profile, add a filter, analyze trends, segment your data, understand where traffic originates (and why) and discuss the impact of your data as it pertains to your own website(s). All attendees will leave class ready to implement Google Analytics back at their own workplace.

In addition to mastering the skills of Google Analytics, students will be able to take and pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. Passing this exam makes you certified in Google Analytics and shows your company and clients that you are truly an expert using the Google Analytics tool.

In this Google Analytics training course, you will learn:

  •     Incorporate Google Analytics into your current marketing efforts
  •     Analyze trends
  •     Measure conversions
  •     Calculate revenue and ROI
  •     Understand data points and their impact on your business
  •     Interpret visitor behavior to your website
  •     Identify various segments visiting your website
  •     Research keywords that visitors are using to find your site
  •     Evaluate shopping cart behavior
  •     Quantify the success of your campaigns
  •     Schedule reports and share data with stakeholders

Who Should Attend Google Analytics Training

Marketing professionals and business owners with minimal experience using Google Analytics are ideal candidates to take this course. The benefit of learning Google Analytics will transcend into better ad copy and website content, stronger marketing initiatives, and higher-converting web pages.


There are no prerequisites for this training, but you should have some familiarity with basic online marketing concepts (PPC, SEO, email) so you can apply them to your real-world situation in class. You should also be prepared to access any site(s) you want to work on.

To make the most of your time in class, have your Analytics account set up and ready to access before class begins.

Course Outline:

I. Overview

  • How Google Analytics Works **
    • Basic Account Configuration
    • Setting up / Installing tracking code
    • Account Access / User Levels

II. Data/UI Introduction

  • Review of Key Metrics **
    • Bounce Rates, PageViews, etc.
    • Acronyms
  • Data (Dashboard) Review
    • Customization
    • Date Ranges
  • Navigation / Menu Review
  • Graph features
    • Annotations
    • Types

III. Profiles and Filters

  • Setting up Profiles **
  • Applying Filters **
    • Predefined
    • Custom
    • Regular Expressions

LAB: Set up a profile and one filter

IV. Visitors Overview

  • Demographics
    • Location
    • Language
  • New vs. Returning
  • Technology
  • Social Engagement
  • Mobile

V. Analyzing data

  • Segmenting **
  • Trends
  • Calculating

LAB: Set up a graph using two different types of segments

VI. Measuring Conversions **

  • Defining the Various Types
  • Setting up Goals
  • Funnels
    • Uses of Funnels
    • Multi-channel Funnels **
  • E-Commerce Data
    • Set up
    • Measuring

LAB: Set up a goal

VII. Measuring Content

  • Landing Pages vs. Pages vs. Exit Pages
  • Navigational Summary
  • Page Values
  • Event Tracking **
  • Site Search
  • Site Speed
  • Google AdSense

LAB: Evaluate pages performing well versus those that are not performing well

VIII. Referring & Direct Traffic

  • How are they arriving?
  • What are they doing?
  • Social Media impact
    • Facebook/Twitter traffic

IX. Search Engines

  • Paid vs. Non-Paid
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search
    • Linking to Webmaster Tools
    • Search Engine Optimization Data
  • Keywords
    • Differentiating

LAB: Filter keywords and sort by goals

X. Campaigns

  • Google AdWords **
    • Linking to Analytics
  • Non-Adwords Campaigns
    • Tracking using URL Builder
  • Analyzing email and Display Campaigns

LAB: Determine how much traffic by campaign source, medium and content

XI. Sharing the Data

  • Scheduling Reports **
  • Downloading Reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Goal Reporting
  • Intelligence **
    • Automatic
    • Custom

LAB: Create custom reports for profiles and users

XII. Analytics Certification Review

  • Certification Requirements
  • The Test
  • Maintaining Certification
  • Review, Preparation, Q&A

LAB: Prepare for Analytics exam with sample test questions

XIII. Take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam in Class

** signifies test material with special emphasis

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