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Five Benefits of Live Instructor Led Training

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VMware Horizon v7 - Online

Course Code: RZH7
Length: 5 Days
Tuition: $3,295.00

Schedule for this Course

There are no dates scheduled for this course.
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Course Description:

This course introduces virtualization professionals to VMware Horizon View 7 Suite, including how to install & configure Horizon View, Workspace and Mirage. They will gain understanding of the component parts and how to design a basic EUC environment utilizing the products. It is expected that after the completion of the course the delegate will be at VCP-DT level.

Target Students

This course targets VDI professionals that are new to VMware Horizon Suite, but are already proficient vSphere 5.x or 6.x based virtual infrastructure and the configuration of DRS, HA and other Cluster related features


2+ years’ experience with VMware vSphere

Course Outline:

  1. Getting Started
    • Overview of the VDI and its role in the enterprise,
    • Expected knowledge,
    • Overview of the course topics.
    • Discussion of View requirements that the course design workflow is based on.
  2. Suite Basics
    • VMware View
      • Management Services
      • View Connection Server
      • View Security Server
      • View Composer
      • vmFork (Instant Clone)
      • Overview of Linked Clones
      • View Agent
      • Horizon Client 4.0
        • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile OS
        • Online – VMware View
        • Local Mode
        • What’s happened to local mode? VMware Mirage
      • Horizon Flex
      • Horizon Air Hybrid mode
      • View Persona Management
    • ThinApp
    • VMware Mirage
      • Mirage Server
      • Centralized Virtual Desktop
      • Mirage Client
      • Branch Reflector
    • VMware Workspace
      • Configurator VA
      • Data VA
      • Gateway VA
      • Horizon Mobile Management
      • Service VA
      • Connector VA
    • AppVolumes
    • Instant Clones
    • Identity Manager
    • Blast Extreme
    • Horizon Access Point (alternative to Security Server)
    • Smart Policies
      • Application blocking
      • Control of PCoIP
      • Policies based on User Identity, location, Desktop tagging
      • Desktop capabilities provide client drive redirection, USB, printing…
  3. Planning and Designing
    • How it joins together
    • Port map
    • Admission and accessibility flow
    • Design Methodology.
    • Assessments
    • Workshops
    • Questionnaires
    • Design considerations
  4. Installing View infrastructure
    • System Requirements
    • Active Directory Requirements
    • Client Devices
    • Delegated Authority
    • Installation
      • Install Composer
      • Install View Standard and Replica Connections servers
      • Install View Security Server
    • Integrate View with Active Directory
  5. Build a Mirage Infrastructure
    • Planning
    • Install Mirage Management Server
    • Install Mirage Management Console
    • Deploy Mirage Server
    • Reflector considerations and deployment.
  6. Build a Workspace Infrastructure
  7. Build an AppVolumes Infrastructure
  8. Configuring a View Environment
    • Configure Instant Clones
    • Configure View Composer
    • Configure View Events Database
    • Configure View Connection Server components
    • Configure PCoIP/RDP settings
    • Configure and Manage View Security
    • Configure Location-based printing
  9. Desktop Deployment Strategies
    • Concepts:
    • The View the way or is it a Mirage
      • Differences between a Gold Master and a CVD
    • Recommended Procedures for a Parent VM or CVD
    • View Desktop Types
      • Desktop OS (traditional)
      • RDS (Server OS – and Desktop Skin)
    • Stateless or Stateful or persistent/non-persistent
    • Configuring Desktop Pools
    • Linked clone automated pools
      • Pools for Task workers
      • Pools for Knowledge worker
      • Pools for Kiosk Users
    • Full clone automated pools
      • Pools for Task workers
      • Pools for Knowledge worker
      • Pools for Kiosk Users
    • Manual pools
      • Pools for Task workers
      • Pools for Knowledge worker
      • Pools for Kiosk Users
    • Composer linked Clones
    • Persistent Disks
    • Disposable Data Disks
  10. Build Desktop Sources
    • The layers of a Desktop
    • VDI or RDS or CVD
      • When and why to chose
    • Preform OS Optimizations
    • Update Drivers
    • Role and Installation of the View Agents
    • Configure Virtual Hardware
    • Perform installation of Virtual Tools
    • Create Snapshots
    • Create Customizations
    • Where Gold Images and CVD’s differ.
  11. All about CVD layered images
  12. Maintaining Desktop Pools
    • User Entitlement
    • Composer Operations
    • Editing Pools
    • Managing User Sessions
  13. User Profiles and Data Management
    • Why a User Profile
    • Contents
    • ptions for the management User Profiles
    • Brief discussion on 3rd Party offering
      • Profile Unity
      • AppSense Desktop Now/ Now Plus
      • resSoftware Suite 2014
    • VMware User Management
    • View Persona Management
    • Managing Persona Management
    • Persistent Disk
    • Disposable Disk
    • Folder Redirection
  14. Multimedia
    • Delivering a Rich end-user experience
    • vSGA – Virtual shared graphics acceleration
    • vDGA – virtual direct graphics acceleration
    • PCoIP
  15. Performance Considerations and Monitoring

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