Webinars from Spindustry on SharePoint, MS Teams, and Power BI

Spindustry offers a variety of ways to learn more about solutions to benefit your business. Below is a list of upcoming webinars or pre-recorded sessions that we hope you find helpful.

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Welcome to the Spindustry Training Public Class Schedule! Please check back often—classes are added all the time!

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Virtual Training: Online Courses
Jul 5: PowerPoint Fine Tuning      Aug 17: Excel - Intro to Tables and PivotTables     
Jul 8: Google Earth - Working with Maps      Aug 17: Excel Advanced Data Analysis using PivotTables     
Jul 8: Excel Linking Data      Aug 18: Power Automate Workshop     
Jul 11: SharePoint for Power Users - Working with Libraries      Aug 19: Excel Dashboards Part 1 - Formulas     
Jul 26: SharePoint for Power Users - Working with Lists      Aug 19: Excel Dashboards Part 2 - Charts and PivotTables     
Jul 27: Excel 2019 Functions and Features      Aug 22: PowerPoint Beginning Tips and Tricks     
Jul 29: OneNote      Aug 22: PowerPoint Intermediate Tips and Tricks     
Jul 29: How to Use Microsoft Teams      Aug 22: PowerPoint Fine Tuning     
Aug 3: Excel Maps and Charts      Aug 23: Office 365 - Exploring Teams, Planner, Forms and OneNote     
Aug 4: Excel Beginning Tips & Tricks      Aug 23: PowerPoint Advanced Tips and Tricks     
Aug 4: Excel Intro to Formulas      Aug 24: SharePoint for Power Users - Working with Pages     
Aug 5: Outlook Beginning Tips and Tricks      Aug 30: Excel Intro to Macros     
Aug 5: Outlook Intermediate Tips and Tricks      Aug 30: Creating Surveys, Quizzes, and Forms with Microsoft Forms     
Aug 8 - 11: Modern SharePoint Bootcamp      Aug 31: Word Redline a Document Using Track Changes     
Aug 9: SharePoint for Beginners      Aug 31: Word Working with Forms and Tables     
Aug 9: Excel Charts, Filters and Conditional Formatting      Aug 31: Word Mail Merge     
Aug 10: Excel Gantt Charts      Sep 20: Word Beginning Tips and Tricks     
Aug 10: Office 365 Basic - Outlook, OneDrive, Word, & Excel      Sep 20: Word Creating Newsletters and Flyers     
Aug 17: Excel Advanced Formulas      Sep 20: Word Intermediate Tips and Tricks